Hairstroke or Powder Fill - Eyebrows frame your face and accentuate your expressions.  Thinning or sparse eyebrows can be filled in or reshaped to enhance your overall look.  Permanent eyebrows are applied so they look natural and compliment the shape of your face. Individual hair strokes give the appearance of perfectly symmetrical eyebrows.


Permanent lip color  is great for people on the go.  No more reapplying your lipstick all day long!  We can match your favorite lipstick color and if you want a different look, you can apply another color over the permanent lip color.  Thin lips or uneven lips can appear more youthful and fuller with permanent lip color.


Color Correction to adjust or neutralize colors that are orange, pink, blue, purple or green using custom blended pigments to bring about the desired and/or natural color.  The color value(intensity i.e. light, medium, dark) can be adjusted if healed color is too much or not enough.  Permanent makeup is an art and a science.  It is imperative to use the appropriate color and shape.


Permanent eyeliner is implanted along your lash line to give your eyes a more wide awake look.  Pigment can be applied lightly for a natural look or thicker for a more dramatic look.  A variety of colors are available to compliment your skin tone and hair color.  Perfect for people with limited vision or mobility. 


Tattoo Vanish® is an ALL NATURAL product and method that removes tattoos in 50-75% fewer treatments that LASER. Tattoo Vanish®'s method does not burn the skin and provides for little or no risk of scarring. It removes all colors including the damaging discoloration caused by most LASER treatments.

What is permanent makeup?  This is makeup for eyes, brows and lips that is applied to the skin with a sterile needle. Marty uses disposable tools which is a safe method for all concerned. Colored pigments are implanted into the dermal layer where they remain for several years and as time goes by they fade lighter, therefore requiring a color refresher. When first applied, the color is darker on the skin just like a tattoo. But as the epidermis sloughs off excess color over the a span of three to seven days, what remains is a lighter, softer appearance in the epidermis. Unlike a conventional tattoo, the service does not last a lifetime. Fading elements like sun exposure, use of pharmaceuticals, use of topical creams with ingredients with glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy or procedures like microdermabrasion hasten the breakdown of color. Lighter colors seems to fade faster than darker ones.


All permanent cosmetic techniques and methods are not suitable for everybody. Therefore a complete skin and client questionnaire and health form must be filled out and all questions answered before choosing the correct technique according to skin type, life style, sun exposure and a healthy body and mind.   Marty works on healthy skin and a balanced mind and it is best if the individual is not taking pharmaceuticals to get the best results, as medications may cause issues or change the color that have been applied. A consultation is very important prior to performing the procedure. A deposit of $100.00 will secure the appointment. A 72 hr cancellation notice is required for Permanent Cosmetics. Prices may change without notice.


Eyebrow Microstroking s a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.